Hello, Beta Reader!

Hello, Beta Reader! 


-- J 

🤗 How to Share Beta-reader Feedback

Some of you are lucky enough to be my official beta readers. If you are, here's how I want you to give feedback.

STEP 1. Install Google Play Books

Once you do, the book will magically appear in your library because I added you as a beta reader (it's a special power I have): 

STEP 2. Turn on "Save Notes and Highlights in Google Drive." 

Open the Google Play Books app on your phone, and then go to SETTINGS. In there, you'll find an option to "SAVE NOTES AND HIGHLIGHTS IN GOOGLE DRIVE." Turn this on. It means any highlights or comments you make while reading will go directly into a Google Doc, which will be automatically created. Now open the ebook, highlight something (at least 3 words), and then make a comment about it. 

(If you're in the web app, open a book, then hit settings there.) 

STEP 3. Share that notes Google Doc with me.

So it automatically created a Google Doc with your notes. So open up Google Drive on your Android phone, your iPhone or iPad, or on a computer. Next, find that automatically created doc. It should be titled "Notes from Starchild" (or whatever book of mine you're reading). Then SHARE THAT DOC with me. 

STEP 4. Always highlight at least 3 words!

When I'm reading through your notes, it shows me whatever you've highlighted and whatever you've said. A lot of readers highlight one word like "the" and then tell me what's wrong or what's misspelled or whatever. But if it's just "the," it's basically impossible for me to find it in the manuscript. SO ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT AT LEAST THREE WORDS! That will make my life so much easier. 

Or, here's a video that walks you through what I've explained above: