This podcast for writers is hosted by Joseph Bendoski (Batman) and myself (Robin). If you want to learn to be a better author, you should check it out. We're on iTunes and Podbean.

I keep lists of everything. And this is proof. If you want to do what I do, this is what I do, ha ha.

A lot of people are reluctant to read ebooks. I feel your pain. In fact, I can agree that there are some significant disadvantages. But there are upsides too, right?

I am not a developer, so it's a miracle I got this to work. I got a lot of bad reviews because I think it only works in the USA. Not sure how to fix that... (Email me if you do.)

This Net Promoter Score is a tool I picked up in business school. If you have a few moments to spare, I'd love to get some of your insights on how these books are serving you.

This is the place the chat with me and the fans about all my books. But it's also where we talk about other cool media like movies, games, and books from other authors. I would love to have you join us!

I create a lot of the artwork for my books. You can download some of that art here for your laptop or phone. Hope you enjoy.

In which I wrote some clever things. And then I neglected it. Or abandoned, really. But I plan to post more once I get in the groove. The novels are more important though, right? You said so yourself.