How to Read an Ebook

STEP 1. Buy a Kindle book

A couple of my books are cheaper than a triple-stack burger (man, I love those).

Amazon also has a list of free books. Just don't forget, we're minimalists around here, so take it easy on that FREE button.

STEP 2. Put the Kindle app on your phone

If you have an Android.

If you have an iPhone.

STEP 3. Sign in

Now, just sign in to the app with the same account you used to buy (ha ha, or "buy") the books. And you're set. They're all there in the cloud waiting for you to download and read on your phone!

Are Real Books Better?

Hey, I'm not saying you shouldn't keep your paper books. I even want you to buy my books in paper. But I think ebooks deserve a fair shake.

Pros of a PAPER Book

  • You can tell how long the book is by its weight.
  • You can give it to your friend Julie by setting it in her hand.
  • The pages smell like paper--mmm.
  • If you're reading a classic, everyone can see how awesome you are (yes—you are).
  • You can smack your brother with it.
  • You can see the j pressed onto the microfibers of the page, and, when you hold the top of the page toward an open window on a Thursday morning, you can see a million tiny dimples in the paper's surface.

Pros of an EBOOK

  • An ebook costs less.
  • You always have your book with you because it fits in your pocket--I mean in your phone.
  • You can highlight your favorite quotes even when you're not carrying a pen. Boom.
  • You can carry an entire library in your handbag--just like Merlin in Sword in the Stone.
  • If you're reading a young-adult adventure novel, no one will know you're an escapist.
  • It's not heavy, so it's not hard to hold open with just your pinkie on the right side while you're lying on your back in bed.
  • Because the screen is illuminated, you can read in the dark (so you don't have to get up to turn out the lights when you're finished). This also enhances all monster scenes.
  • If you fall off a bridge and your pants and phone get swept downriver, you still won't lose your place, because your book is synced with the cloud.

Ebooks for Rebels (and Advanced Users)

EPUB is the open-source standard for ebooks, which everyone but Amazon uses. If you want to curate your own digital library (using EPUBs), I recommend the Google Play Books method, as follows. It'll give you a little more freedom.

STEP 1. Get a free ebook

If you sign up for The INFORMANT, I'll send you a free EPUB of HIGH ADVENTURE.

You can also get tons of free EPUBs from

STEP 2. Upload the ebook

Now we're going to put the EPUB in the cloud--that means it's stored online for whenever you need it.

Go to and click the UPLOAD button.

STEP 3. Get the Google Books app for your phone

If you have an Android.

If you have an iPhone.

One More Thing(s)

How to Upload to the Amazon Cloud

I warn you, this isn't easy, but if you want, here are Amazon's instructions for uploading a Kindle book (and, spoiler alert, IT ISN'T AN UPLOAD BUTTON).

Create your own ebooks

If you're an advanced user, I wrote a guide for creating your own ebooks.